Efficient management of safety compliance requires employee participation

Online Training (eLearn)

With eLearn, our online safety training program, you track every employees’ safety training progress.

How it works

  • Every employee is given access to the online training which allows employees to take relevant safety training, as well as the workplace health and safety training module
  • Your management can track the progress of each employee and take corrective measures when needed
  • Once an employee completes a training, it will remain documented on the online portal. You can chose to print the course completion document with their signature and date of completion.

Benefits of CSI’s e-learning platform

  • Modules with the best Environmental Health & Safety practices
  • Interactive content that helps capture your employees’ interest and better understanding of the subject matter
  • No additional overheads – no classrooms, no infrastructure
  • Ability to revisit information and refresh as needed
  • Easier to track and monitor course completion and progress
  • Covers a wide variety of topics ranging from EHS, Workplace Health & Safety, and DOT Hazmat Compliance, and Industry Specific Topics in all work environments such as Service, Body Shop, Parts, Sales, and Business Office.
  • Site specific training modules can be integrated as needed.