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Old Rules Relaxed & New Rules Added (CALIFORNIA ONLY), January 2017

TO MIX OR NOT TO MIX – OLD RULE SEPARATION OF PAPER & METAL:  In 2016, California EPA started to enforce hazardous waste regulations regarding used oil filters.  While crushed metal oil filters could be recycled as scrap metal, paper cartridge filters and metal oil filters (with free flowing used oil upon puncture) were to […]

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California Tow Drop-Off Regulations, July 2016

CALIFORNIA LAW ON TOWING California enacted AB 1222 earlier this year mandating certain recordkeeping provisions for tow truck companies amongst other statutory requirements.  If the dealer is in the towing business, then we recommend that you consult and implement all provisions of AB 1222 (Bloom).  Since dealers with tow truck ownership are very few, we […]

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