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What’s In Your Dumpster? Make Sure It’s NOT Hazardous or Universal Waste, March 2018

ENFORCEMENT OF HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL REGULATIONS:  Reportedly, local inspectors (Environmental Compliance Officers) have gone into dumpsters at auto service facilities to determine the occurrence of illegal waste disposal. They have cited heavy fines for violations when hazardous waste and universal waste are found in the dumpster.  Alameda and Santa Clara counties sued an auto dealership […]

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Changes to CA Environmental Regulations & OSHA Penalties, December 2015

CAL-EPA REGULATIONS EFFECTIVE 1/1/16 90-Day Storage Limit:  Automobile dealerships generating more than 1,000 kg of hazardous waste per month must  dispose of hazardous waste within 90 days (otherwise the facility must obtain a storage permit, an arduous process).  Almost all dealerships generate more than 1,000 kg (about 300 gallons) of used oil and used coolant […]

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Cal/OSHA Adopts New Ergonomic Standard, July 1997

Cal/OSHA’s ergonomic standard has been adopted amid much controversy.  The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board adopted on April 17 a simplified regulation to protect employees from repetitive motion injuries (RMIs).  Section 5110 of Title 8 of the Californian Code of Regulations (General Industry Safety Orders) requires employers to institute a program designed to […]

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