Money-About $1000

April 30, 2001

The used oil generated at the dealership during the normal course of business can bring $0.16 per gallon if the dealership becomes part of the California Used Oil Certification Program.

If the dealership generates 12,000 gallons a year, the dealership can collect $1920 from the state by becoming a Certified Collection Center under the program. Westates can assist the dealership in completing the application to become a Center. As part of becoming a Center, the dealership must do the following:

  • Accept oil from public at no charge and offer $0.16/G to them. The fear that unsightly homeless in pajamas will show up with a gallon of used oil in your drive is unfounded. No dealership on the program has seen them in the drive with oil.
  • If taking oil from the public contaminates your oil, the state will reimburse you for incremental costs for disposal due to contamination presuming the source of contamination was public oil.
  • You must place an advertisement in your coupon mailer or sales advertisement twice a year advertising that you are a “ Used Oil Recycling Center” and accept used oil. The ad is easy to place and believe us; the “tree huggers” love them.
  • Every quarter, the dealership must file a claim stating the gallons of waste oil generated at the facility. The dealership must do so promptly as the state will ding your claim if the claim is filed late.
  • The dealership should not take more than 20 gallons of oil a day from the public and not more than 5 gallons a day from one single person.
  • The dealership must post a sign on the driveway. The sign is provided by the state for free.

There are some minor details to cover, like the state can drop-in to see how the program is working at your dealership (unannounced). If the dealership is interested in getting on the program, please give Westates a call. Of note, if the dealership wishes to get “Off” the program it can be done simply by writing a letter to the state.

The article was authored by Sam Celly of Celly Services, Inc. Sam has been helping automobile dealers comply with EPA & OSHA regulations in California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii & Idaho since 1987. Sam received his BS & MS in Chemical Engineering followed by a JD from Southwestern University. Sam is a Certified Safety Professional & a Registered Environmental Assessor (CA). Your comments/questions are always welcome. Please send them to sam@cellyservices.com.

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